Mediterranean Migration Response – Field Data Collection and Central Data Repository on Migration Flows towards Europe

Duration: 12 months (01 October 2015 – 30 September 2016)
Donor: UK Department for International Development

The primary objective of this regional project was to provide humanitarian organizations and national authorities with the data on the numbers, routes, and reasons for migrants seeking to reach Europe. The data collection included migrant numbers, locations of origin, locations of transit, modes of transport, demographics, and points of entry to Europe, vulnerabilities, reasons for movement and approximate length of the journey as well as existing capacities in target countries to respond to the situation. IOM built upon existing operational capacities of the organization as well as concerned national authority counterparts and other partners to undertake the assessment in a unified and systematic manner in order to provide reliable information on the current flow of migrants towards Europe.

Please see for monthly compilation reports and other regional migration data.